How does the developer community feel about ESP??

Hey Francois,

Sounds a bit like me and FS *grin*...... 35+ years and counting. Haven't done anything with Prepar3D though. It's on the backburner currently.
Well, I've only got aorund 21 years (started at BAO in 1990), and I took a 5 year break from 1999 to 2004. :->

You'll definitely have to come and check out the Prepar3d stuff, it's licensing model is much nicer than what MS had for ESP (ie you, as the solution provider, can actually buy the seat licenses yourself and then include the cost for same in your final solution price, instead of the MS model where you would have to sell folks your solution and have them go buy licenses from MS Volume licensing seperately) plus the per seat license is a bit cheaper (499 vs 799).