FSXA How to avoid interference with multi turbine?


While remaking a sound pack for a twin engine helicopter I stumbled over the interference problem that occurs when using the same sound files for two or more engines.
They sound good when only one engine is running at a time, but with both running the sound turns into this strange noise/static.

I assume I should alter the files for the second engine, so they don't sound exactly like the first ones.

My question:
What's the best way to do so? Maybe there is a simple trick about it?

I admit that I'm a total noob concerning sounds just playing around in audacity sometimes :eek:

Thank you very much in advance,
Reverse one of the sound files. That's what I do, and it gives a nice, clear sound instead of that annoying buzz/phaser effect that even some of the default aircraft have. If you have more than 2 engines, upping the tempo is another way to go. Just have engine 1 using the original file, engine 2 using the sped-up original, 3 using the reversed original and so on. I've never had any weird effects from doing this, and it's a wonder that more people don't.

I used to mess around with sounds when I first started learning about FS development. Audacity it literally the best tool you can use for this purpose, IMO.
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Thanks, ozz!!

That's indeed a very handy trick and will remember it.

PS: You're pretty fast on modelling! The Challenger project is awesome and I really like the VC already. Respect!
Cut the last half of the clip off, paste it at the start. Pretty simple, provided you looped it correctly in the first place. You only need it out of phase enough to avoid the phaser sound.