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MSFS How to convert FS2004 models to MSFS?

Is there a good tutorial somewhere on how to import aircraft models in MSFS?
Does it work for FS2004 models?

I tried to import WOAI models and included it in my flightplan, but it doesn’t show up.
I used the PlaneConverter program. It did generate the structure and json files, but I notice many cfg files are missing and the different liveries don’t have as many fields in the aircraft.cfg.

So I’m guessing there is some more work to be done before it works in MSFS, but I can’t find anywhere what exactly or how.
To convert from FS2004, you need to first convert the mdl to FSX format. Here's a tutorial for that - http://www.calclassic.com/convert_tutorial/

Then once you have it as an FSX aircraft, you can do the conversion to MSFS which is different. The easiest tool to use is MSFS Legacy Importer as it tries to automate the process a bit. PlaneConverter is an earlier tool which only puts the files in the proper structure and creates the .json files for you - it does not actually look at the files to make sure they are compatible.

MSFS is flexible in how it reads in the .cfgs - it will support the original aircraft.cfg and .air file just fine, or you can go through the trouble of splitting the values out into the many .cfgs that native MSFS planes use. There are some values in them that the .air does not have so you have to determine that for yourself. You can also use new .cfgs to partially override the aircraft.cfg and .air. My jet conversions have the original aircraft.cfg, .air, engines.cfg, and systems.cfg. Works fine although there are plenty of tweaks required for ideal flight performance in any case.

I have no experience converting to/from AI, so not sure how that might change things.
Hmm, the tutorial states I need the FSX SDK for it to work. But I don't own FSX. :(
I just wish the old AI planes are being converted to MSFS. AIG is doing so, but they say it they will only release when it's 100% finished and tested, which is according to them more than a year from now. :|


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And I would expect any aircraft 'converted' to MSFS to not behave correctly, and possibly crash the sim, as well as being a violation of the original designer's copyright.

Better to learn to create original aircraft for MSFS using the tools and that SDK. Then you own the design, and can guarantee it's behavior in the sim. And yes, it's not easy.