How to exclude default FSX elevated roadways

I have been working on designing new Shanghai airport ZSPD for FSX using ADE v1.70 but I cannot eliminate the default elevated roadways from my scenery. Original default had a small lake, hence the elevated roadways. I have tried an "exclusion" of "all" but has no effect. I also have tried various polygon overlays that exclude roads, bridges of various types but nothing seems to work. Someone out there must have encountered this issue and have a solution. I have tried both asphalt and concrete "road bridges" exclusions. The roads and the lake have been dealt with but these elevated roadways remain. The roads they were connected to are two lane with only a centerline. Apprently, however, they are not considered bridges by ADE since such exclusion has no effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. A screen save of the problem is attached




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They look like extrusion bridges to me. Did you make the exclusion rectangle big enough to include the entire bridge?
@ Arno: Thank yuu so much for that advice. Indeed they were extrusion bridges but I had not used a big enough exclusion. Problem solved!