How to trigger an effect with a keystroke

I’d like to be able to trigger an effect, like a truck object catching fire, “on command” by using a defined set of Keystrokes as the effect trigger. I’d like to stay away from proximity triggers as they are conditional. I want to be in control of when the effect starts/is triggered (not have it happen when a set of conditions like time, proximity etc. are met)

I have the truck placed where I need it. I wish to now attach the vehFire effect at the truck’s same location, and then, trigger the vehFire effect to begin by using a set of predefined keystrokes that I would initiate, like… press GHGH (or some such combination), while FSX is running and the truck fire effect fire would then kick in/begin.
Any suggestions? Thank you for the help.

You've probably come across MenuPromptTriggers in some of the default missions - a menu dialog box appears asking you which of the actions (menu items) you want to choose. You click on the required item and proceed.

Here's an example of what the FSXME diagram might look like if you wanted to select between a 'fire' effect and an 'explosion' effect:

In the mission, the dialog box would say:

Select your effect:

1. Select Fire

2. Select Explosion
You click on the menu item for the desired option/effect.

You would need to extend this 'code' to include the specific effect(s) required, their WorldPosition, etc.

Hope this helps. I find that Jim Keir's FSX Mission Editor (FSXME) does more or less everything for me - I very rarely edit the mission XML as I'm prone to make mistakes at that level!

Cheers - Dai. :cool: