I love tires!!

They are so big and round,
Always kissing the ground,
And they have great rims,
With a pair of big twins,
Supporting all that weight,
To keep that aircraft straight,
Keep what straight I say?
They'll leave the ground one day,
To go where you say?
To the sky in May!

On the gear was a little mouse!
They don't see the sky for long,
He says, why not, I should ask?
Because there is a mouse!
And it got retracted into the house,
Along with the big O' tires.

What is a mouse doing on a plane?
Eat the rubber all the way he may,
But, why is rubber so delicious?
The mouse knows he gets five wishes,
And those wishes are?

- Hitch a ride on the big round tires,
- Start eating rubber when it gets higher,
- Find flight attendant with Atlantis,
- Go under skirt and see her panties,
- Climb up her leg to start a riot!

But those aren't wishes! Oh Be quiet!
I'm eaten and it is time to land,
Come by little one, take my hand.

Upon landing, I say good bye,
When firetrucks stop splashing water in my eyes.
You caused a crash you little mouse,
Thanks for the rubber, and the house,
The flight attendant has lots of milk inside her blouse,
But the tire looks oh so confused, and turns around,
Oh my god, said the tire, he was right,
Lots of milk there is in that blouse,
One day, I would like to be a mouse.

--- Rafael ... I made this up, you won't find it anywhere but here, LOL. I was just really bored!
have you tried to add "float" points to the tires so you can hydroplane? it doesnt work. the float points dont come up when you hit land, and because the wheels bounce up and down from the suspension the float points scrape really badly unless you put them way up inside the plane then it looks horrid.