P3D v3 Idea for a little addon

I'm no programmer, so maybe this idea isn't "little" but here goes:

I would like a seaplane dock tie down system.

it would be nice to have visuals but not necessary at all.

Maybe the GUI could be a pop up window like the ATC window is and simply tie down plane and un tie aircraft that is all..

I love flying floats but when there are high winds you can park by the docks but then the plane will drift away.

What I want the effect to do is simply like "drop anchor" and hold my plane within 2 feet of the dock and not let it drift away with the wind.

Now, it would be awesome to see the rope and all that but certainly not necessary.

Would this be an easy thing to add or complicated? and Yes, I would be willing to pay for it.


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Writing a gauge or module to hold the aircraft in place is dead easy. Even keeping it within a specified radius of the original tie down point will not be hard.
Seeing the rope will require co-operation of the modeler, or of someone who knows how to write persistent effects. That person isn't me...
Once I'm done with preparing personal tax returns (we have until April 30 north of the 49th) I'll see what I can do.

April 30th north of the 49? How unfair is that? Probably a hold over from the days when all your mail went by dog sled. ;)

I'm not a plane modeler so I was just thinking about this from the "other side".

When you position your plane properly on an FSX aircraft carrier, lower the launch bar and engage the catapult, the plane is locked into place (until you fire the CAT).

I wonder if that function could be built into a seaplane dock. I think, the catapult stuff for the plane is in the aircraft.cfg file, if so any any sea/float plane could be modified.

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You don't need to modify the cfg file I don't think.

I might try this over the weekend, I have one or two ideas how to do it.