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I've dug around the manual and forum, but most of it goes shooting way above my head, so forgive me if the answer is obvious and i've missed it.
I'm trying to get my AIM 135 and 145 to appear (I'm not so bothered about the animations as I don't look that closely), but I just can't do the conversion. I've tried my best but my skill set is limited and elsewhere.
I've got as far as the image shows, getting the model to show, however the liveries don't. What do I do next?
Thanks in advance :)

Move "AI Malcontent ERJ145.mdl" inside the "model.xapu" folder (shorter name and no spaces is prefarable)

In your "model.xapu" folder there should be a MODEL.CFG

1. Open cfg
2. Make sure the naming refers to your model
normal=AI Malcontent ERJ145
3. Save

Reload aircraft cfg or model in MCX. Now textures/liveries should be visible

Note: make sure the your aircraft.cfg point to the correct model folder "xapu".

Thanks for the swift reply Rotorhub.
Liveries are now showing, what do I do next to make them work in P3D.
Thanks for your patience, I accept I'm clueless.



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From your screenshot it seems you use the old version 1.3, I would suggest to use the development release that has many improvements.
Thanks for that arno - I have updated as suggested.

I've tried to export the object as a P3D v4.4 MDL and replace the original, but they still don't appear. Am I doing something wrong?

When you say you replaced the original, what exactly have you done?

Have you read this thread over at AIG? It walks thru the steps to convert the AIM Emb 145

Thanks Rotorhub, I'll revisit in a couple of days when it's stopped hurting my head. I think i'm close, things are happening inside the folder, just not quite there yet.