FSX:SE I'm having problems..... again!

I didn't expect this. About a year ago, I posted a "problem" (cringe warning) on this forum. At that time, I knew little to nothing about MCX and had no idea that I had none of the compilers set and properly configured. After somehow getting it to work, I have been able to use MCX for just about anything. Except now........ I'm having some of the same problems. This isn't the first time this has happened. I modeled a skyscraper, exported it as .dae, fed it into the Convert and Place Object Wizard in MCX, set location parameters and what not, but upon flying to its location in FSX, I don't see it. Initially (see link above, cringe warning) it was because my compilers were not linked therefore the models couldn't be exported in the first place, however now I have everything set and there are no errors in the MCX log. I'm running DX10 with Steve's Fixer (much better FPS); might that have anything to do with it?

The file that is not showing up is a ridiculously-high 3 km tall skyscraper located on a busy street in the middle of Mexico City. I've included a .zip of the .BGL file + textures. It is directly west of the MMMX airport. Does it show up for anyone else? What might I have done wrong?