Install Creator

Hi. Im using Install Creator.
Im making some small sceneries for FS 9
Does anybody know how I can get the exe file automatcially to find the FS ) Installation.
I know how to do that in FSX but not in FS 9
Yes. Do what I did. I asked the user! You use a text box to tell the user to select their FS9 Directory. and where the path goes you have the user choose.

Or call this the "" something.exe"" is the file you need the path to. the %ExePath% is the full path to the exe.
also the G:\data is where you want the result %ExePath% sent to. All else is Homework.

Three liner (use %%F if wrapping inside a batch file).

pushd G:\data
FOR /F "delims=" %F IN ('dir /S /b something.exe') DO SET ExePath="%F"