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The updates Stephen posts I consider to be truth until I have reason to believe otherwise, and there is real action going on according to Stephens updates.
Then it simple to simple to tell us what real action there is surely?


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Just a thought. The nearer reality a virtual object looks, the more the brain works to tell you it's not the real thing. I suggest the nearer any sim gets to real-world fidelity, the less achievable the complete suspension of disbelief will be. This is no comment on any sim, just the surprising finding of VR researchers: our brains are much smarter than we think.
Exactly. "Uncanny valley" et al.
Then it simple to simple to tell us what real action there is surely?
Yes it actually is simple (cut and paste) (a December update is coming soon):

Another couple of weeks just flew by and much faster than any of us would care to admit. For some of us Halloween has come and gone and we’re moving towards the normal end of the year Holidays.

So… what have we’ve been doing and what does Next Generation iNTERACTiVE Software have in store for the final two months of 2015?

Well, first… let’s catch you up with an update.

Time Marches On

If this is your first time visiting NGiS, you might be surprised to learn that we’re just coming up on the beginning of our 3rd month in Phase II, the development Phase. Yep, we’ve only been at this for two months (on the 7th of Nov.)

On September 15th, put us in the Limelight by publishing an article entitled “Next Generation Flight Simulator Is Coming”. From that moment on we’ve been on a roll, collecting data, recruiting a development team, having lots and lots of discussions, designing the Next Generation Flight Simulator, getting flight simulator enthusiasts feedback in the forum, set up a fairly cool Features Board, designing and in the process of creating a new fan site for the NGFS, solidified our relationship with UNIGINE, and generally, we’ve been staying quite busy.


As of today, NGiS has a total of 33 Team Members, every one of them a flight simulator enthusiasts and every one of them very capable of doing the tasks necessary for the creation of a next generation flight simulator. We’re extremely pleased by the level of developers that we’ve got on TEAM NGiS; all with amazing talents who will bring about the, very much needed, next evolution is flight simulation.

We have just 7 slots still opened (for the immediate future) for anyone who feels that they can contribute to the development of the Next Generation Flight Simulator. If at all interested you’re invited to read “A Golden Opportunity”, but I wouldn’t wait too long as these slots are going extremely fast.

NGiS Vision Forward

As part of the design process we’ve created a document entitled “NGiS and our Vision Forward”. The primary purpose of this document was to ensure that every TEAM NGiS member was focused on the same goals of the team as a whole. This step ensured that our vision was one in the same and that we all work together as one towards the process of creating a next generation flight simulator. I wish I could share this document with all of you, but… there’s some very sensitive information as to our direction that we wouldn’t want to reveal at this time.


Another extremely important part of creating a new flight simulator is becoming familiar with the 3D engine that we intend to use and in doing so we’re discovering the amazing power of UNIGINE 2. The rumors that UNIGINE 2 doesn’t have the capabilities to create a whole earth flight simulator are far exaggerated to say the least. Rest assured the key element, the 3D engine, is more than capable and fulfills our expectations, and way beyond. The UNIGINE developers are extremely talented and have created a truly elegant and efficient tool.


To get TEAM NGIS up to speed regarding UNIGINE 2, as well as the other tools we’ll be using, along with what we’ll need to create in-house, it has been determined the most productive way to become efficient is to create a SHOWCASE TECH DEMO.

Hopefully that got a few of you excited!

What do we mean by SHOWCASE?

Everything we intend to have in the initial release of the Next Generation Flight Simulator will be showcased in this demo; i.e. – amazing terrain features, full flight dynamics, physics, a fully operable aircraft (maybe two and perhaps even a helicopter), full functioning weather, day/night cycle, season cycles, fully generated cities/towns using data that will allow the generation of building, trees, etc. in real world positions, key airports fully modeled, and everything else you’d expect from a next generation flight simulator. We even intend to have fully functioning APT/ATC/AI.

In truth, the SHOWCASE TECH DEMO will be a flight simulator unto itself (just in an exclusive area); providing the same experience that you’ll have when the Next Generation Flight Simulator is released. In fact this SHOWCASE DEMO will be implemented as one of the SHOWCASE areas within the initial release itself.

The Goal, to create an “I WANT IT NOW!” experience!

As you can imagine creating such a demo will prepare TEAM NGiS for the “BIG” push for release of the very first flight simulator to utilize new/modern technologies, pushing the envelope of “As real as it gets” beyond the 10 year slump since the demise of Aces Studios. That’s pretty exciting stuff!


This SHOWCASE TECH DEMO will be centered on an island in the South of France called Corsica.

With Corsica’s diverse and beautiful terrain, wonderful architecture, fantastic shorelines, 4 airports, and amazing water features, how could we resist?

Do we have a time frame for this SHOWCASE TECH DEMO? Yes we do!

Can we tell you when it will be released? Yep!

When it’s ready!

November & December

Our goal over the next two months is to complete the Architectural Design of the Next Generation Flight Simulator, become intimately familiar with the tools for developing, assist UNIGINE where ever we can in fine tuning some of the tools involved in creating a new flight simulator, and get ready to move on to full development starting January 2016.
"Do we have a time frame for this SHOWCASE TECH DEMO? Yes we do!
Can we tell you when it will be released? Yep!
When it’s ready!...

Our goal over the next two months is to complete the Architectural Design..."

When you come back some real action, other than parroting rather NGiS press releases, then come I'll back later.
From Unigine's own page regarding Unigine 2: "Flight simulators of the continent scale"

Continent... not globe.
From Unigine's own page regarding Unigine 2: "Flight simulators of the continent scale"

Continent... not globe.
One must report the whole truth not just bits and pieces. The English language can be tricky at times. Not every company that designs a flight simulator need or want a full world, hence the "example". Other companies (like NGiS) want no less than the whole globe, hence the "without Limits" and "solar system".

This is the whole statement- read carefully (very slowly if necessary for reading comprehension):

UNIGINE is designed to handle virtual worlds of unprecedented scale without limits. Some examples include:

  • Coast-to-coast transportation
  • Detailed urban planning projects
  • Countrywide military operations
  • Flight simulators of the continent scale
  • Space mission simulation
With double precision of coordinates in UNIGINE, it is possible to achieve real-world scale of virtual scenes as large as the solar system


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Okay, thank you for keeping us aware of the program. I hope the group make progress once they start actual development work in January, it would be good to have a modern alternative to FSX or X-Plane for the consumer / leisure market.
Tom (hairyspin) understands me and my motive. I truly care about the future of flight simulation, and I know there are people here (with specific exceptions listed below in my view) who have great insight and experience with flight simulation. The more caring simmers we have motivating companies attempting to improve flight simulation the better. I'm not suggesting that we bury our head in the sand, just suggesting a little kindness with hope for an even better future for flight simming.

I gave it a lot of thought; I checked some other facts/conversations/forums and I choose to totally ignore (they do not exist at all to me anymore) the following individuals:


And actually I communicate this in kindness (with a smile) to save them the effort in trying to communicate anything to me ever again.


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Pracines, you're taking this too personally. Lighten up, there are more important things in life!

Ed, did you mean no round-earth model or just that the Unigine 2 engine isn't for a round world? Just kidding, I got it now. XYZ model, not Lat/Long/Distance with Haversines and other Spherical Geometrifications. Sand-box model like CFS3 (which I still model for) albeit a biggish sand-box. Got it.


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As of yet, this non-existent flight simulator has no venue for FS developers. So there really is nothing to discuss here. Perhaps the OP should consider a different forum for parroting these "announcements". I'm locking the thread.

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