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Invalid data in bufferView

When doing export from Blender to MSFS I frequently get errors such as the following:

Compiling GLTF data file C3825.GLTF...
Invalid data in bufferView[2]: '' for accessor[2]: ''
Invalid data in bufferView[6]: '' for accessor[6]: ''
GltfCompiler | Failed to load model data from file

The only method I have found to fix them is brute-force trial-and-error. i.e hide part of the model and try the export again. If it fails, narrow the search some more and repeat. If the export works, then that piece does not have an error so continue searching another part of the model. Eventually you get down to a small surface/object that is the cause of the error. It can then be deleted and recreated.

Attached .zip has an example showing the error.
  1. An overview screen shot of the model
  2. Detail screen shot of the local area of the error
  3. Blender .blend of the object that creates the error
  4. Export log from MSFS Console
  5. gltf file
Any suggestions on how to avoid getting the error in the first place would be much appreciated. Failing that, how can one quickly determine the offending data?

My Blender is 2.83.13 and the plugin 0.40.0


  • Blender export error docs.zip
    311.4 KB · Views: 15
Did not look into your zip, but are you exporting LODs?
I've had the same problem when exporting more than 3 LODs. The 4th always created this buffview error.
I had to export the remaining LODs by hand without batch export for them to work.
At the moment I have only one LOD that I'm working with.

Since my first post I have had this come up a few more times. On a couple of them I kept digging down into my Blender model and found deleting a single vertex can fix the issue. As you manipulate the model, it seems commands such as "loop cut" (CTRL-R) can result in "orphan" vertices that the exporter doesn't handle correctly. But finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Knowing how bufferView and accessor work might make finding the needle a bit faster. Any ideas?