KCOE update?

For FSX SE has anyone taken on updating and upgrading KCOE Coeur D Alene (now aka "Pappy Boyington Field"). It is sadly in need and I haven't the knowledge/experience to do it up in the proper detail myself. But it is my local "home field" and I'd like to enjoyably use it for my GA casual base of operations.

Uncle Joe
I have looked into this project and determined that it is beyond my inclinations to tackle. I did have one volunteer who had to withdraw due to family health problems. I'd still like to commission someone experienced with such as this to do this one. Look at it as a tribute of sorts to Pappy B. I have gathered a number of pictures and airport specs. This airfield serves GA and small business class (but in-game doesn't offer jet fuel) and even hangers a private plane belonging to John Elway.

dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
Commisioning developers with projects privately can get pretty expensive as you have to pay every hour of work all by yourself.
Judging by the first impression on Google Earth I could very well just do some layout adjustments and model a single hangar to spread all over the place, be finished by the end of this weekend and charge you 150€ for it.
Or I could put in some actual effort and capture the variety of colours of the hangars, add some seasonally repainted aerial imagery as a ground texture, create custom ground polygons and maybe be finished by Christmas. That would be up to 1000€.

I think it will make more sense for you to give it a try yourself and improve it step by step as you gain experience. Many of us started doing this at our home base, including me.
I don't argue with your point that time and effort has value and is justified. But, not unexpectedly, I wouldn't be inclined to spend amounts like that on such a minor part of a pastime where there would be no extended recoverable value. I should continue to look look in places like Facebook for persons who dabble in such things merely for the fun of it.
But the good thing is, its a fairly rural area...so as long as you keep the photoscenery within the property limits of the airport.....the rest can just be manipulated LandClass.