Key Frame animation

In FSDS 3.5.1 Part Names, there are 7 choices for "Ambient" listed in Keyframe animation. Can someone explain the significance of those choices? Let's say I have 3 parts on the same model that I want to animate using an Ambient part name. Does each part require a separate name. Ambient, Ambient1, Ambient2?
Animation names refer to types of animation in FSX. Ambient seems to be a standard FSX animation. For my models I always use Ambient type of animation with names like Ambient1, Ambient2, Ambient3 etc. Other names refer to special animations, like c_gear.
If I may suggest............... Just found out from my guru :))) That it is ok to use one ambient. However, let us say you want one animation to turn this way but the other turn THAT way then you would use abient2, etc for that second one. bob