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Dear All:

I have created a tool to convert a Google Earth Kml Polygon or LineString to a list of vertex tags that can be used with the BlgCompiler xml files.

The saved dat file will contain the following format:
<Vertex lat="-12.02434409197824" lon="-77.10771051001647" />
<Vertex lat="-12.02397668768341" lon="-77.10706171581835" />

Download Link v.1.2:

It has been tested with Google Earth versions 5 and 7.

Alfredo Mendiola Loyola
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Can you explain what you mean a bit more please about the dat file. Why a dat file? is the kml file not enough?
What is the purpose of making it an xml?
Just curious because i do not understand.


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The .dat file is a text file with the vertexes that you can use to make airport aprons for example:

<Apron surface="ASPHALT" drawSurface="TRUE" drawDetail="TRUE">
<!-- add Vertex elements here -->
<Vertex lat="-12.02428546124198" lon="-77.10758221610929" />
<Vertex lat="-12.02403975806766" lon="-77.1070947249207" />
<Vertex lat="-12.02159739012027" lon="-77.10829262544232" />
<Vertex lat="-12.02178750646083" lon="-77.1087762780694" />

The idea is to use Google earth to make your airport polygons, then you export your polygon on a kml file, open the kml file, convert to .dat and use the
vertexes inside your airport xml file in order to compile it with the BGLCompiler included in the FSX/Prepar3D SDK.

Alfredo Mendiola Loyola
Lima, Peru
If I understand correctly, you use a satellite image, select the sides of an apron, save it as a kml and then use this .dat converted kml to texture your apron?
Many thanks for sharing another great tool with us, Alfredo ! :)

Hmmm; if we can just import these "blank" XML files into ADE as source data to Add airport objects from a pick-list... :scratchch

It is otherwise such a P.I.T.A. making low-res or tiled high-res Geo-referenced background images for use in ADE. :banghead:

BTW: the direct URL for the SDK doc link posted above:

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