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I've just been digging out some work that I had done previously (over 2 years ago in fact) and found some missions which I never managed to fully complete and publish. So today, I spent some time combing through the .xml files and fixing little bits that were causing problems.

Unfortunately, they are all landing challenges which have been hand tweaked through .xml - anything more complex would require something like the Flight Mission Editor.

Please bear in mind that these were created a while ago when I had little experience in Mission creation and have never been through a beta testing period! I might add several more for different airports around the world and when some converted aircraft are released.

Contains 4 Challenges:

  • Icon A5 Landing Challenge 7
  • Kasitsna - Landing Challenge 1
  • Alaska - C-46 Landing Challenge 1
  • Alaska - C-46 Landing Challenge 2
The pack can be found here.
This addon requires Majuh's brilliant Snow weather themes addon which can be downloaded from this thread. If you are unable to access AVSIM due to guest limits, here is the direct link to majuh's addon.

Please report any errors/glitches if you find them!

Enjoy! :)
Hi Folks

Kavinda -
Cheers for those.

Only feedback relates to both C-46 challenges.

The initialised location for both
is much too high/near
the destination runway touchdown
for this specific aircraft.

Tempting users to develop bad habits.
Landing gear are not airbrakes. :p
Simlarly flaps.

As configured,
landing speed should be under 70KIAS.

@BASys: Ahh... good point! Couldn't agree more! :)
I'll take a look at those - might take a while to get another update though!

Hey Paul, do you have any ideas for some additional challenges (apart from landing challenges?)
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Thank you KavindaJD, good work! I will try them soon. I just posted about looking for any new content for MS Flight and I am interested to learn more about this Mission Editor you mention. Even if basic race courses could just be created, then that would be great fun! (I appreciate that missions probably require additional coding, tuning and other knowledge.)

So I think that basic races would be great - both Hawai'i and Alaska, whatever is possible. Have you made any more, or do you have any which you would like beta-tested? (I was a Flight beta tester too!)

Great work and thank you for sharing - projects such as this keep Flight alive.

Oh and by the way, you probably know me from Avsim! :)