FS2004 Landing lights shine backwards

I read the sdk and the best ive been able to come up with for my landing lights is that they shine towards the tail. I've used the FSX attach point named single sided boxes and textured white material from my main textures. I named this new texture from my main text bitmap lights_landing.

1) Tried flipping the polies and retexturing
2) tried flipping the textures on Z
3) then tried flipping the texture on Y

I have no clue what is wrong here. Good news though....my FSX version is awesome...lol


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Poly faces forward as you've already done.

Use the Gizmo and rotate the pivot point 180º so the blue arrow faces the rear!
Found it two days ago

Poly faces forward as you've already done.

Use the Gizmo and rotate the pivot point 180º so the blue arrow faces the rear!

Woe is me Bill. I hate to read. But thats all ive done these last few weeks. I finally figured out i had to use the attach point tool for fs9 (visa vie, not the one at the top that is for fsx.) you know what i mean im sure, go to the littel hammer, click on the script button, and if you have installed the sdk to the right place you get the animation file....etc....But im in the final testing phase. I'm flying both airplanes respectively from kmli to kstl (about 350-400 miles in real time) to work out any bugs or fix textures and what not. I'm 80 miles out and only had to fix two gauges and add two buttons....not bad methinks.
Getting the same problem on my Falcon LODs. I was checking that the night lighting hadn't been adversely affected, and discovered that the taxy light didn't work on lower LODs because their parent object had been deleted after the top LOD.

I just went through a model adding the lights to each LOD that needed them (attached to a different part), loaded it into FS9 and presto, the lights on lower LODs all shine backwards. They were copies of the top LOD's lights too, so the blue gizmo arrow faces backwards on both lighting planes, just like the lights they were copied from.

It transpires that they are attached to an animated part that has duplicated names, so as the nosegear leg extends in a downwards arc, the light moves in an upwards arc. In the bay, the light would be directed upwards (but its a taxi light and this doesn't matter, and the wheelwell part would make it vanish anyway). When the nosegear is down the light should point forwards, but the backwards arc means it sits about 10 feet above the fuselage facing backwards!

Luckily I only need to correct this in, err, 4 LODs in 8 models... aargh.
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