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From the avionics, it looks like a bizjet from the 70s.
And one of the few bizjets to come with turbofans back then was the Learjet 30 series.
A quick Google image search later aaaaaand...

(I assume payware.)
Bill would know the learjet panel after his work on the 24B.

Lear 36/36a basically the same except for the fuel panel. The 36a holds 1200 lbs more in the fuselage tank, so more range. You loose some space in the rear where the fuel tank takes up more space. Hence the 36 is just a long range model that has been more popular with the Medevac community because they don't need the extra space as much as the range usually.

Nice work Skip! Are you modeling both engine reverser types?? The Dee Howard and the Aeronca types have different annuciator panels. Also there are two autopilot types too.

Looking at the yoke would have been even easier :).

What are you looking for (data-wise) that will help in the modeling of the TR's? I might have something that could help.

Can't get my eyes off that beautiful ADI :eek: And since I already fly the Lear 24B (splendid work Bill ;)) I can't wait to try this beauty!
Hi Greg, many thanks for the offer. Well, ideally, manufacturers drawings of the working parts of the T.V. system and control panel would be great... drawings from the Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) are usually the best. I know that there is T.V. systems made by Aeronca and the Dee Howard company so either or both would be great. I searched the net and elsewhere many times for such info but no luck.

I'll look at the manuals I have and see what it contains. They might not have as much tech detail that you need.

The good news is that there are lots of 35's with no TR's installed so you won't be wrong in not modeling it..