FS2004 Library Creator XML problem


If i add an mdl file to Library Creator XML 3.0 it works and saves ok. I can import it into ADE and FS2004 etc with no problems.
But if i try and load the original xml file back into Library Creator to add another mdl file it brings it up as red text. it looks like there is a problem loading the model.
Everything was working ok in the past with no problems. I have even downloaded the latest developement package for latest versions, but still same.
I am using Win 7 64 bit, FS2004 etc

Any ideas ?
All sorted.
Just read in another post to un-tick the relative path check box in options.
Loads ok now in black text

Darrell. :D


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It should also work with relative paths, the benefit of them is that you can move your XML and MDL files around and the file will still work. But apparently something went wrong there.