FSX library object thumbnail not availble

Hi John:

Please tell us whether this issue related to scenery library object placement is a problem in:



* SBuilderX

...or 'both' of the above scenery utilities. ;)


If this is only for ADE, perhaps these links may be what you need:



If you want to see an online reference as to what default scenery library objects are available to use in FSX, see:


If this inquiry also involves SBuilderX, let me know. :)


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Hi Gary

this is only for ADE, thanks Gary I am downloading it now. FYI. I load the airport I make for the FSX in P3D V4, it looks better than in FSX, so I am very happy,

only one big problem, this ADE just like drug, it keep me busy all days long:banghead: but love it. thanks Gary:coffee: