Light Effect behavior

Otavio Bonomi

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Hi everyone,

I would love to know why the same effects, added by ADE, have different behaviors when done with Night / Day and other (same effect) but for dawn / dusk parameters.

I've been noticing that during dawn / dusk the lights have the intensity and brilliance that I seek and wish them to be But at night it gets much darker and looks like I'm not looking for.
I would like to find out if there is any way to equalize these differences so that they have the same brightness. preferably with the intensity of the dawn dusk photo.

Maybe in the Effects Editor have some command line that can help, I really don't know.

Question 2
Why do these same effects add up to medium and long distances and not show up like most lights? even when landing on a plane and in cockpit vision also disappear.
at night


difference between departuring the airport and arriving


could there be difference between any command?



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