Light is too small

I am placing landing lights on the deck of an aircraft carrier successfully but I have a problem I don't know how to do. I downloaded the FX Editor and it works great but my problem is I don't know what to do with it to enlarge these pin point lights to the size they should be as landing lights or searchlights or any other lights bigger than MDCx makes the effect when you add a light with the Object placement tool. Please.....


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would 3rd party lights placed as models be a better option? Not sure how this worlds with a moving deck
I used MCDx because I don't have any way or knowledge of placing third party lights onto a model. I know there must be a way of enlarging them with the fx editor.
I appreciate the article but it is totally "Greek" to me, I don't understand any of it. I just learned this week how to use the object-placer and attach points in MDCx. Why can't I just enlarge the size of the fx effect in fx-editor? My placement is absolutely dead on using MDCx.
I have it and have been experimenting with it. I have a few effects in FSX that in the viewer i like what they look like and later today because you can't print them out i am going to copy them down and then duplicate my effects with those values and accomplish what i need to. Thank you.
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I do NOT have P3DV4 because my computer will not run it. I use FSX(A) and this is ah FSX light and looks quite good. Thank you for your reply.