Lighthouse light iso white red fx

I would like to have a light effect for a lighthouse with characterisc Iso WR 12 sec. As far as I know this means that the lighthouse emits white during 6 secs immediately followed by red for 6 secs and so on. I have been struggling for several hours with a number of fx-files in FXEditor but I do not understand which properties must be altered to get the result that I am looking for. Can someone help me ?I attach the fx-file that I made up already: the result in FXEditor is this sequence:
first: white light with green halo for 6 sec followed by red light for 4 sec
after that: white light with red halo for 2 sec, white light with green halo for 4 sec, followed by red light for 4 sec and this continues.

If this link is uptodate, the lighthouse has sectors of white and red. You can see it also on the pictures. There is a red glass, transparent glass and a white intransparent part.
So I think, ISO WR 12sec means: 6 sec red and white light and 6 sec dark.
It could be done by 2 effects close together, but covered by different parts. (I dont know if there is a way to create directional light effects...)
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This is what wikipedia say s about de lightcharacteristics of Inisheer lighthouse. The light characteristic is now slightly different from that of 1913, the light emits a white or red light, depending on the direction, in isophase of 12 seconds, that is, it is illuminated for six seconds and darkened during other six. It emits red light in the sector between 245 ° and 269 °.[1] In addition, the lighthouse is equipped with a radar or RACON beacon that emits the letter K in Morse code with a range of 13 nautical miles.[1][6] So hgschnell is perfectly right: when you are in the red sector you only see the red light for 6 sec and after that 6 sec dark; when you are in the white sector the light is white. I haven't found a way to make this effect working. Isn't there a fx-nerd who can ?
You need two effects and hide them with solid parts of the lighthouse in a way they can only be seen in the sectors.
Here is a simple example of such a lighthouse (Warnemunde Mittelmole)


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OK hgschnell, I fully understand what you are saying. In the coming days I will revive my Sketchup model and attach some solid parts to cover the sectors. Have to figure out how, but that should be not so difficult. Then I will add two effects in the lighthouse: one red and one white that both have the iso 12 sec character. I think it will be most practical to have the effects on top of each other and have the solids cover half the height of the lantern of the lighthouse. BTW, did you make the above simple example yourselve ? Which fx did you use to make the light ? And BTW2, I use Prepar3dv4, but thatis much the same as FSX, I think. I will show the result when ready, or start bothering you again when in problems ;-)
You should separate the 2 effects by a vertical plane.
So I created the simple example. I created the fx files too with much help of existing effects (fs2004, but this should not be a problem).
I attach an example.


Hi Guenther (it is, I presume). Looking at the map that you have sent om 26 march 2019 I see three sectors of light and on the website of Commissionars of Irish lights it says:

Sectors:W (partially vis beyond 7M)225°-231° (6°), W231°-245° (14°), R245°-269° (24°), W269°-115°
So there is a white sector 225-245, that is partially visible between 225-231, red 245-269 and white 269-115, that makes 3 sectors. There is also an dark sector between 115 and 225, but that sector is directed inland. If I understand you well I have to make 4 vertical planes inside the lantern that point to 225, 245, 269 and 115 and in each sector 1 light, which is white between 225 and 245, red between 245 and 269 and white between 269 and 115.

After this I have still 2 questions for you:
1. where did you get the map that you attached on 26 th of march 2019;
2. How do I have to understand the directions of the sectors, as I think that 90 degrees should be at the right side of the tower and 270 degrees at the left side. I think it is like looking down on a compass, but it seems to be the other way around when I am looking at the map with the sectors.
Yes, so I see you got it:)
Just another hint, in fs9 the seconds of the fx has to be divided by 2 (iso 4 = 2),
I believe it is a bug and I dont know how fsX works
I managed to build a rotating headlight optic with GMAX :wizard:
the real problem is that I can't find, in Fsx,
the possibility of showing the effect up to 28 Mile,
nor the solution to have a shine like with the PAPI.