Lighthouse light iso white red fx

I would like to have a light effect for a lighthouse with characterisc Iso WR 12 sec. As far as I know this means that the lighthouse emits white during 6 secs immediately followed by red for 6 secs and so on. I have been struggling for several hours with a number of fx-files in FXEditor but I do not understand which properties must be altered to get the result that I am looking for. Can someone help me ?I attach the fx-file that I made up already: the result in FXEditor is this sequence:
first: white light with green halo for 6 sec followed by red light for 4 sec
after that: white light with red halo for 2 sec, white light with green halo for 4 sec, followed by red light for 4 sec and this continues.


If this link is uptodate, the lighthouse has sectors of white and red. You can see it also on the pictures. There is a red glass, transparent glass and a white intransparent part.
So I think, ISO WR 12sec means: 6 sec red and white light and 6 sec dark.
It could be done by 2 effects close together, but covered by different parts. (I dont know if there is a way to create directional light effects...)
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