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Load a DLL upon simulator startup


I am trying to get a DLL to load upon MSFS startup based on this post

Here is the xml entry I add in exe.xml

    <Name>A name</Name>

I have verified that the file does indeed exist.

The DLL is meant to create a log file as soon as the DLLStart function is called. Since this file is not being created, I assume it is not loaded.
It should also start a socket, which is not started. That could be down to a programming issue, but it works on P3D and the fact that the log file is not created make me think that the socket not starting is due to the DLL not being loaded, and not an issue in the code.
I should also point out that the DLL depends on another one, which is alongside the one I load here. Should an entry be added for this one as well maybe ?

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks !

In MSFS you can't just write to the drive, nor do you have network access like you would in FSX/P3D.


Resource contributor
As Ed says - that's one of the biggest gripes that many developers have with MSFS (and one of the reasons I have avoided developing for it so far). A possible solution to the logging problem is to make your dll export data in a SimConnect format and then capture/log the exported data with a standalone SimConnect module. I know this approach works because I do something similar to read and log all of the default P3D variables when debugging a project. As for the network connection; read the P3D SDK on that one and see if you can apply it to MSFS. No guarantees on that though!

Again, you may have to take a one-step-down-the-line approach where the actual network connection and data is only indirectly linked to MSFS (as in the logging above).