Looking for an aircraft modelling developer!

To clarify the whole situation.

I am very new to this aircraft modelling stuff and I would like to meet somebody that has experience with modelling in terms of every aspect of any aircraft project. Design, gauges, cockpit design and so on. Also, would like to learn coding aerodynamics too!

Also if anybody's interested, I am starting a whole new build from scratch, the goal is to make a wonderful freeware (and probably a payware version) of the Mikoyan Gurevich 21 Bis and UM, so if any volunteers willing to make and cooperate with me with this project would be much appreciated!

Contact me through DM if you need to ask anymore questions

See you soon!

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Just a FYI, MV is already doing a Mig-21 Bis. Just saying... (and it's well along... )
I hope your not from Milviz... seriously...the only freaking comment I get is from ''Milviz'' trying to make my day even worse and being so sacrastic by just bringing that comment...Congratulations, you have made somebody's day even better! Wow!

I meant to do a nice freeware so that anybody can enjoy the MiG instead of the Ivan Jurcaga's one, the MF version
Gud to know. But I will never forget that somebody from Milviz has hurt my feelings already... Like I want to pay money for something that will most likely look not that realistically as it should look for the money. What I am trying to find is somebody that has experience that could teach me some modelling...and probably be my volunteer/partner in the project so, no more off/topic questions. This is not a chat room

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First of all, that was not meant to "hurt feelings", but rather a note that another developer is already well along in the process. You are of course perfectly free to develop your own version, but with the knowledge that someone else is modeling the same aircraft.

On a secondary note, this is in fact sort of a "chat room" given that we developers bounce ideas back and forth all the time. It is largely how we learn from one another.

BNBR (be nice, be respectful) is how everyone should strive to behave. :wave:
Essentially, I was letting you know (politely for once!) that we've got one well along.

That's it, that's all. You may, of course, feel free to do one but... like i said, we're already in code.