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Looking to hire a terrain expert for a quick job.

Hey all!

Recently, I've been building a fictional country over parts of midwestern Canada in FSX using Airport Design Editor, which has sort-of snowballed into a massive undertaking. I'm having tons of fun with it, but have hit a brick wall with one of the islands, as I want to add a big lake into the middle of it, and a nice little mountain range on the Northern part. If the shape of the lake looks familiar, it's because it's Lake Lachrymose, as this island is intended to represent the fictional land where the Series of Unfortunate Events takes place. Initially, I was going to learn how to edit the default terrain for the area and do it myself, but after a few failed attempts with Sbuilder, Terrain Pro, and a few other programs, I've realized that I'm at the point where I'm in over my head, and need to commission out the work.

Therefore, I'm posting here to see if anyone might be interested in taking this project on. For someone who's well-versed in the field, it really shouldn't take too long, and I will pay you for your time and effort. If you're interested, please let me know! For reference, I've included an image of the island in question, and a second picture of roughly what I'm looking for. I made the lake in ADE, but since it's tied to one of my airport scenery files on the west shore of the lake, it disappears when I'm more than x number of miles away from the airfield, and yeah. It's just not adequate. I'm pretty certain it'll have to be redone in order to be properly worked into the default terrain of the sim. The intended area for the mountain range is more just a rough area; I'm looking for a bunch of mountains in the area with some peaks that top out maybe around 4000 feet or so, and leave a bit of room along the shoreline for me to construct a highway.

Thanks for your time,



  • FSX Default Southampton Island.jpg
    FSX Default Southampton Island.jpg
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  • FSX Intended Southampton Island.jpg
    FSX Intended Southampton Island.jpg
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I am also stuck with creating a mountain on a fictional island. If you learn the trick, please tell me. I’ll do the same.

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