Is it poosible to exclude objects from a 3rd party scenery bgl if you do not have the orginal source files to work with ? the wonderful scenery for ottawa is not totally compatible with UT and a number of buildings are sitting in the ottawa river. I would like to use this scenery for my BCATP project without the misplace buildings -any help ??
nThanks Shaun - if you are still using FS9 at all and have an interest in Aviation History and flying Warbirds do wander over to our website at www.flightontario.com and check out my BCATP section- I have recreated 99% of all the RCAF and RAF stations built accross Canada between 1940 and 1945 ( well over 100+ ) using Google Earth and official RCAF blueprints so they are quite accurate - As for the current problem - i have tried using S-Builder to create an exclude poly but with no luck and my scenery is set to #1 on my scenery list - its been along time since i used ADE so i will download it again and try - will it conflict with AFCAD that i have been using to create the senery that i currently having a problem with ?? - is possible to jump back and forth from one to the other if you have to - I know that ADE is superior to AFCAD in many ways but since i started this project before ADE came on the scene i have stuck with it - I also have FSX and the BCATP scenery has been modified for it as well but not to the extent as it has in FS9 - I and my UK partner Glen Broom are now redoing the entire project adding Flight Recorder Files to bring new life to an otherwise quiet world - its very exciting stuff and will be avaiable for release soon - In the meantime i will download the latest version of ADE and have a go at fixing it - i must say that you have me wondering why or how is it that the priorty level plays a part in making this work - I thought that a scenery is a scenery and no mater where it lies an exclude poly should work - do teach me something new - cheers
Sounds nice. I think an exclude poly wont work, but an exclusion "rectangle" should. This is what I use to get rid of ORBX EU England stuff below my airport. I have FS9 but use FSX and P3D mainly. You should be able to open your AFCAD generated .bgl no problem with ADE9 AFIK. I would start a thread in the ADE section of the forum here if you have any further questions on this. I'm not really familiar with ADE9 and Jon is usually on hand to give expert help.
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