Maule M-7-260C Ski Edition for Microsoft Flight RC1

Hi folks,
I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Maule M-7-260C Ski Edition for Microsoft Flight (Release Candidate v1) addon. This is a free download. The aircraft is a conversion of the default Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) Maule M-7-260C Ski aircraft.

This addon consists of:

  • An exterior model of the Maule M-7-260C Ski edition.
  • Two liveries (textures): Denali Mountain Air and Swiss Rescue.
  • Reference code to utilize the interior cockpit of the Microsoft Flight Maule M-7-260C.
In order to install this addon, you must have previously installed:
  • The latest Flight Toolkit, available from
    This application is required in order to allow Microsoft Flight to recognize and run 3rd-party addons.
  • The Microsoft Flight Maule M-7-260C.
    This aircraft, created by the Microsoft Flight Team, is required in order to display the interior cockpit of the Maule M-7-260C Ski aircraft.
    It should be listed as one of the available addons in Flight Addon Manager, part of the Flight Toolkit.
If you have not installed a Flight Toolkit addon before, please see the following webpage for instructions on how to do so:
In the Flight Hanger, you will find that your two new variants of the Maule have been added to your existing Maules. Open the Maule Paint Schemes window to access them.

This model includes operational ski landing gear. Use your normal joystick or keyboard Landing Gear command to extend or retract the skis attached to the front landing gear.
Please note that the skis can only be extended or retracted while in the air.

This addon does not include a cockpit. Instead, it uses functionality in Microsoft Flight to reference the interior cockpit of your Microsoft Flight Maule M-7-260C, so does provide a "Deluxe" (as opposed to "Basic") flying experience.

Bug reporting:
This aircraft has gone through a lot of beta testing. However, there may still be bugs or other issues. If you come across any, please report them by responding to this thread.

Please note that because I have no internet connectivity where I live, you will not see a response from me for at least a week from my last post.

Known Issues with this Flight Addon:

External Model:
The downside to using the cockpit of the default Microsoft Flight Maule M-7-260C is that there are three minor graphical anomalies that can be seen when flying from within the cockpit:
  • If you look outside the window to the left, you will notice that the left front wheel is missing its ski.
  • The underside livery (texture) of the wing and the left elevator does not quite match the livery that is seen when viewing the aircraft from the exterior.
  • If you use the Ctrl + W,A,S,D eyepoint commands to move the eyepoint to outside the cockpit, you'll see the default "Goldilocks" texture that is part of the default Maule interior cockpit package.
Download location:
Update 12/01/16: RC1 has been upgraded to RTW, and is now available directly from within the Flight Toolkit Addon Manager!

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Hi Folks.
FYI, the Maule M-7-260C Ski Edition has been upgraded to RTW, and is now available directly from within the Flight Toolkit Addon Manager. There should be no need to manually uninstall RC1 - upgrading to RTW will uninstall RC1 for you. As no bugs were reported with RC1, RTW has no changes other than changing the version number and name.

Hmm - it appears to be missing from Addon Manager. Stonelance - did you delete it?
I don't have a copy on this machine, but will upload it to my public file share next time I'm online should Stonelance not be able add it back to AM.
My guess is I never added it because the content ID uses an invalid GUID, but i just added it now. If i deleted it, it wasn't intentional
I'd completely forgotten about that bug! I'll create a new GUID for the Addon & uploaded the revised version to my fileshare either this week or next.
Hi folks. I've corrected the AddonDescription file GUID. The updated version ( RTW v1.0.0.1) is available here:!AnlX-fSOb3OaggKnXg-Jndz1iiC6
[Edit 06/29/2017: But note the comments by Stonelance in the next post & my reply]

Stonelance - when you have the time, can you replace RTW v1.0.0.0 with this version? Thanks!

Version Information for RTW v1.0.0.1
This version just corrects an incorrect GUID that was present in AddonDescription file of the RTW v1.0.0.0 FlightAddon. There are no changes to the actual aircraft files.
Because the GUID in the AddonDescription file has changed, the Flight Toolkit Addon Manager will not uninstall previous versions (beta or RTW v1.0.0.0) of this aircraft.

If you have a previous version of this aircraft installed, you should uninstall it before installing this FlightAddon. To do this:
  • In Addon Manager, right-click on the beta or RTW v1.0.0.0 version of the Maule M-7-260C Ski Edition, and choose uninstall. This will remove the FlightAddon.
    Be careful to choose the ski edition of the Maule. Do not accidentally uninstall Microsoft's Maule M-7-260C (Deluxe) addon that shipped as part of an official DLC!:eek:
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Well the problem now is that I've added it and people may have the original version with the bad GUID. I think you should just change it back and we'll have to live with it. If people have this one installed and the v1 version then they may get content errors, things not working correctly or at worst a crash.
FYI, the readme in RTW v1.0.0.1 mentions that users with the beta or RTW v1.0.0.0 version of the Maule M-7-260C Ski Edition should click the decline button & uninstall the prior version before installing v1.0.0.1.

Users who install both versions will probably get a whole bunch of "duplicate GUID" errors in the content errors log file, since there are no changes to the actual aircraft files, but I don't think it will cause Flight to crash.

I have no strong views on the matter, so you can update Addon Manager with v1.0.0.1, or leave as is. Your call, sir!:)