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Hi All,

A project I want to do a few years ago has now been in development as of recent. This is the payware MBB BO105 from Nemeth Designs and Tamas Nemeth was gracious enough to send the 3DS Max sources for this model and the EC135 (next in line). What I am doing with this project is completely removing/updating all code, redoing all materials, redoing the FDE, creating an all new soundset. This will be an upgrade to an existing product as it is still for sale as of current. No date on release as there is 2 models in the original product and I'm upgrading both. Planned for FSXA/FSXSE and P3DV4-6
Holy moly! Biggie of the year in my opinion. Will follow this thread, thanks a lot for sharing!
Airbus BO105M variant 90% working with new code, sounds and systems. Tamas Nemeth has been informed of this project and I am awaiting his response. The final release will be just like the original, the civil BO105CB and this one, no other variant planned.
In P3DV5 and P3DV6 with PBR. All code is finished, sounds are more or less finished, FDE finished for now. I'm fine tuning some things such as lighting in P3D, but overall I'm satisfied with how this project came out. Tamas Nemeth gave the green light to release, but I'm only going to release the updated files and not the whole package as it is still for sale.
A video showcasing the new sounds, using my own samples and some from @antaris to produce this. There is some tweaking left, but I'm quite happy the way it came out.

Thanks for your excellent work. I can't wait. I hope that Nemeth releases the BO-105 as freeware but if not, I will buy it just to receive you upgrades.
As I notice it correctly, the price is 11,18 Euro currently. This is worth the great addon for sure....
What happens when you take a BO105CB and stretch it a bit? You get a BO105CB "Stretched" or CBS for short and with high skids too. This is the work of Nate Rosenstrauch as a supplement to the original product release. The model(s) are more or less finished with some minor touch ups and FDE tweaking left before release.
Work continues on the BO105 project and this will be one big project once completed. As of now, there are 22 different model configurations and there's more that's being added. The final release will consist of passenger, medical and law enforcement models with different configurations. A variety of liveries covering real world aircraft, different VCs, custom sounds and FDE and much more. This is a team effort between myself and @Nater plus an additional painter to help paint while major modeling and code is being done. No estimated time for release as this project will cover FSXA/FSXSE, P3DV4, P3DV5/V6 with clear coat materials. All of this with the generous support from Nemeth Designs.