FSX MCX cannot change FSXpath


Are you using the latest development release of MCX?

If not, you should be. The stable release hasn't been updated for years.

You can get the latest development release from here.

If the latest development release is what you are using, you might try clearing any options that you have set and see if that makes a difference. See reply #2 in this thread if you don't know how to do it.

Also, if you are using the latest development release, maybe delete what you have installed, including clearing the options and download it again. There might be something corrupted?

I hope that something here will help. I think that I saw it mentioned somewhere that Arno is on vacation. You might have to wait for him to get back to get this solved.


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MCX will only try to update the path based on the registry settings on your machine when the path you have entered is not valid. So are you sure you entered the right path?

From the screenshot it does seem you are using version 1.3, I would advice to update to the development release.