Hello friends,

Please help me out, I recently started scenery making and in learning phase. I learnt ADE for making airport , now I am much interested to creage my own building and hangers. I came to know FSDS is easier than GMAX, then I started for FSDS. But the issue is my MDL is not creating .bgl file. I have gone through the treads relevant of MDL but my problem is still exists.

My FS is : FSX Acceleration
Windows: 10
FSDS v3.5.1
FSDS settings: see pic
After clicking (object file.bgl) , XtoMDL stops working error : see pic
FSDS saved location: C:\Abacus

Please advice.



In my XToMDL path I choose 3DSM7 folder, not 3DSM9. I really dont whow the difference but you can try this.
jpfil's suggestion was what I was going to say. Also- haven't the foggiest why that happens. kadanwari connect with me on Skype. I would love to help you get into some neat stuff in FSDS. I have a few other friends I have helped. They are doing some great work now. It is always good to help others. It is like giving back a little to flight simming that simming has given me. I can show you some dandy tricks.
In Skype search for Robert Lacy (in Ione Washington) or jyarddog (my handle I use. btw jpfil is good people to know.