FS2004 MDL Tweaker issue


Years ago I created a simple effect placer as follows:
  • Create simple rectangle in Sketchup
  • Add effect to it in MCX
  • Repeat for other effects
  • Compile into a library
All that works great in EZ-Scenery.


Several effects are difference sizes smoke plumes that I position inside chimneys on roofs. Example is on ground.

Guenther gave me the excellent idea to have those displayed only during the cold days of the years.
So I did:
  • Open MDL in MDL Tweaker
  • Add object condition. (I originally tried min: 309, max: 78)
  • Click on apply for each condition
  • Save MDL
  • Recompile my library

Unfortunately this didn't work and my smoke is still visible during cold days.
I know conditions are applied only at load time. To test I saved a flight in Summer, I don't change the season through the menu.
So that's one problem.

Problem #2 that showed up from testing another way:
I thought of testing with a single object instead of a library.
I opened the MDL file in MCX, compile it and got an error message. Worse, MCX actually deleted my MDL from the hard drive. A corrupted BGL file was created)


Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

P.S. I'm attaching the MDL files.