MediaFire image file linking

A free MediaFire account can link to images and other files that exceed attachment file size limits for thread posts at FSDeveloper forums. ;)

(Example: Embed code @ 800 x 600 image size)


PS: Please do not use web sites such as Photobucket to link images to forum posts at FSDeveloperr. :banghead:

All too often, such image storage websites inevitably prove to be a "bait-and-switch", leaving the FS Developer knowledge base incomplete when such websites substitute images that alter, and IMHO misrepresent the authors original image until one registers and/or pays a fee.

Such misrepresentations of the authors original image via software may be regarded as a violation of the authors copyright, and may be interpreted as a form of malware or even ransomware. :stirthepo

Instead, please use 'safe' free "file download" websites that also allow one to link images to forum posts if they exceed the size limits of FSDeveloper.:idea:

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