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Microbrain at it again - help

Not sure if this is the right spot - but here goes. Apparently M$ has decided that just giving us a free Visual Studio 2017 is not enough. They also want us to sign in on their site in order to use it. I didn't realize it came with a 30 day free trial or I never would have used it.... I don't see much of an advantage in using it over VS 2010.

Anyway, so I start VS2017 and it wants me to sign in to something... I presume my MS account. Fine. Oh, it says - We can't sign you in - your browser has javascript turned off. Huh? Really? I use Firefox and verified that it was enabled. I turned off no script, and it still complains. I also tried Internet Explorer (which I don't normally use) with no luck. Any ideas on how to get VS2017/the browser to work? VS2017 does not actually open the browser so I'm not even sure where it's looking.

And I know that M$ does not read here - but just to vent - WTF Microbrain???
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OK - I found out what's wrong. Despite I use Firefox - VS2017 was apparently trying to start IE. A quick search found how to set javascript enables globally. Precisely why I don't use IE (excpet for Visual Studio).

So now they know who I am - probably recording keystrokes, making copies of files. Yippee! Another freedom gone.