FSX:SE Minimize Drawcalls problem

Sidney Schwartz

Resource contributor
I'm creating objects in Sketchup and using MCX to convert them to FSX mdl's. One of my favorite features of MCX is how it combines textures to optimize drawcalls. Unfortunately I regularly run into a problem where the optimization works and the object displays correctly in the MCX window, but when it's exported as an FSX object and I open that object (mdl) in MXC, the textures are all mixed up, and that's the way the object displays in the sim. Usually I use 2042x3042 textures when optimizing. Sometimes if I change that to 1024sx1024, the object will export correctly without messing up the textures. Sometimes not, and I have to export without optimizing. Is there a solution to this problem?


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Do you make sure you export the textures as well? That doesn't happen automatically.

Sidney Schwartz

Resource contributor
Hi Arno. Yes, I always save the textures, even if I'm not optimizing. I use jpg or bmp textures in Sketchup, then have MCX convert them to dds when exporting. The odd thing is that this problem is not consistent. It happens some times, not others, even though I go through exactly the same process using exactly the same tools.