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MSFS Mirrors blurred view


Is there a way to remove the mirror view blur in MSFS?
The landscape is not clear.
The problem is the same with ASOBO's F-18


My Mirage F1


The blur is not added, so to remove it, you'd have to improve the software and hardware.
Reflections can be very high quality. But they are limited in distance (perhaps by the size of the part).

For example, in this picture you can see that the vertical stabiliser and rudder are reflecting the horizontal stabiliser and elevator but only about half of it. The other half falls outside the reflection draw range. Raymarched Reflections in the graphics options of MSFS affect these reflections. As the terrain will almost always be outside the reflection draw range there doesn't seem to be any way to create realistic mirrors in MSFS.

Nice rivets! So if the mirror doesn't work, you can hold a piece of Anthony's airplane out the window and check 6 with that.

Here's an example from DCS. Better, or possibly worse and I think it's funny, that in all the internet, the only picture I could find of DCS' cool mirrors, is not dogfighting.


That little Lego shape in the lower right is a graphic representation of a F-15 vertical stabilizer. At least you'd know which direction to swerve or duck, so yes, if Asobo ever figures out how to attach guns to these planes, they'll have to improve the mirrors. That's a given, but until then, I have this loong list, mirrors would sit somewhere around making "recently visited places" actually show recently visited places in the flight planner window.
Thank you both.
I will content myself with this blurred view also present on ASOBO planes and which would be a kind of reflection.
I see it's not better on DCS.
On FSX or P3D, it's a camera projected 180° on the $mirror type texture, and the image is very sharp.

best regards
I believe it is also possible to configure a camera view to mimic a cockpit mirror in MSFS, however you'd have to set that system up each session in Options using "Add New Render Window" and place it on a second monitor, no window-in-window. I could be wrong but there will be performance demands. There is the possibility of configuring a "Cameras.cfg" document to do similar, but you would have to access that view the same way you switch cockpit views, no hotkeys, so only practical for dogfighting dirigibles and checking ord drops.
That's not what I'm looking for
I wanted to display the camera view in the mirrors of the plane, like in reality and in FSX/P3D, not in a separate window.
Maybe one day ASOBO will fix the blur problem
What we get in P3D

That's effing amazing, but the render is not as good as MSFS. It would be nice if you could tune each mirror, for added realism. Lately I have experimented with offsetting row windows on some of my scenery models to break up the perfection of the reflection with good results.

On the screenshot of my F4U 7, the mirrors do have a separate setting.
The top mirror is set to have the rudder in the center (we can see it at the bottom center of the mirror)
The left one reflects the left rudder and elevator and the right one reflects the right rudder and elevator.
It's the blurring of the mirror view that's disturbing, not the view itself.