FSXA missions for VRS TacPack

Hi :)
I want to try creating FSX mission for VRS TacPack, as Im a beginner so for now, I want to know how its work, how to create an easy one (not necessarily for TacPack at first, but maybe the second try)

I have downloaded the FSX Mission editor free demo

My official plan is to create complete missions (full with Launch, Recovery, patrol, fight, Mid Air Refuel, Bombing, escort, change vehicle during the mission, imposed weapons), missions that can be short of long, depending on the mission type (from training to full operations)

-All Targets, convoys, bases, AI enemy aircraft etc placed without the action on CCP by the Pilot (everything ready, fly can just start the mission and wait for instructions

-Aircraft is ready too (Flight Plans, weapons and fuel loaded, target GPS coodinates for the weapons (Memory Unit)

-User will not only pilot the fighter jet: some mission will request others vehicle (Piloting AF1 to land on dangerous aera airports, Helicopter from naval base to Aircraft Carrier, Drone etc...

-AI that can engage user (AI aircraft or AI Ground vehicle such as SAMs)

Gryz, AS