Model Converter X interior model export

Hey all,

First off, this is my first post on the forums, have found tons of useful info on here so far, so thank you to everyone for your expertise!

Second, this is an aircraft issue, but I could not find a sub-forum for MCX in the aircraft section, so I do apologize if I am posting in the wrong section.

Now, my issue.
I am currently upgrading several of Flysimwares aircraft texture-wise, PBR wise and Dynamic Lighting wise.
I would love to just add PBR materials to the base model, but unfortunately they were created in GMAX, and to my knowledge there is no way to add PBR materials in GMAX.
I have no issues adding and exporting anything to the external models, but when it comes to the interior model, I run into several issues, which I believe are tied to each other.

On FSW aircraft, they utilize the Milviz WXR, on the Lear I just completed I was wanting to add PBR to the interior - exterior parts, IE the wings on the interior model.
When I export the model, the Milviz WXR loses it's knobs, the radar still works in 2D pop up, and on the 3D display, but no control knobs are visible.

Another issue was when I had two Reality XP GTN's installed.
The first GTN works perfectly, but the second one had some null clickspots, and would not work. Again, worked in 2D view, and displayed in 3D.

I'm curious to see if anyone has a solution to this issue, or if it's just a limitation as I don't have the original files for those 3rd party addons.
Any help would be GREATLY apprciated.

Here's a shot of the issue in the MU-2, just did a test to see if it was maybe just the Lear, but it is happening on the MU-2 as well.



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Are you using the latest development release of MCX for your conversion?

It sounds like there are issues with the visibility conditions and mouse rectangles for the model. Debugging such issues can be quite hard, but it would be interesting to see if you can notice that the mouse rectangle is different between the original model and the one you exported. That might give a clue. In the hierarchy editor you can see which mouse rectangle is applied to a part.