FSXA Multiple BGL's in the same location issue

I am making a detailed hangar that won't create a single 40MB BGL from the model or the x files so i made the project into 5 sections and all BGL's work fine. But FSX will only show any 1 of the BGL's. Why will it not show all 5?
Update: I lowered the poly count on a few parts and the entire project now can be converted to a single BGL. I still wonder why multiple BGL"S can't share the same location.
Perhaps you don't change the Guid of theses Bgl. Each Bgl should bave his own Guid, if i remenber.
I am using Model Converter X and not restarting the compiler so it uses the same location. I wonder is this causes it to use the same GUID as you mentioned. I think your right. Either way i can make one model now but will try a test to see if i need to restart the compiler and then just use the same values for location.
Is there any other method these days to create a ASM file. I prefer to use 3DS MAX. Or do i need to use FS2004 SDK?
The reason i ask is i want to use Arno's CAT for a hangar door animation based on frequency.
I decided best to use SODE for animated triggers. Anyone know if its possible to have an animation that cycles for the duration that the trigger is on? I want to animate a fan which works for aircraft but seems to not work for SODE.