Multiple conditions

Since Arno is using C#, he is probably reffering to Managed AI Waypoints sample
from FSX SDK. You can access it by opening the SDK, SimConnect topic, then in Table of Contents click Programming SimConnect Clients using Managed Code, then managed code samples, and find the sample.

I am using C++ code, with code based on C++ sample of the same general effect, although I think C# example is a window application while C++ is a console application. I wrote a dll module instead. You can download my somewhat commented source at (or at least I hope you can).

This one is also for a DC-3, and includes a repaint (it places a Czechoslovak Airlines aircraft at LKPR, in the same place the real one is)
Arno, you should probably split the topic discussion.

Now, back to the SimConnect endeavours.

I have now a module that successfuly shows and hides an object depending on visibility. At this time, this is done on request by button, but can be automated on a timer, for example.

At this time it also writes a log on every click, with:
-FSX Metar
-Whether the object was placed on click
-Whether the object was removed on click.
I enclose two pictures, object shown in bad vis, not shown in good vis, and the log.


As noted in the showroom, in development.
I could license the current version, but I'd rather not, as it would in effect result in lots and lots of DLLs, I'd rather end up with a single .exe and a single .dll in SimConnect and a set of definition files loaded by .exe.