Multiple xml placement files.

I have multiple xml files to place objects in the vicinity of airfields. (The airfiields are more than 30Km from each other).

Each of the files are read by SODE on the initialising of P3D.

Would it be possible to concatenate all files so that only one file is read?

I tried concatenating the files in a <SODE> </SODE> block, but only the first placement was read.
You can have as many <SimObject></SimObject> entries in between the <SODE> </SODE> as you like as far as I'm aware.

Are you sure you've formatted it correctly? Post the concatenated files here I'll take a look.
Hi George,

There is no limitation hard coded in the xml parser used in SODE.
I have a xml file that has more than hundred of SimObject nodes in it, no problem with that