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Nav Com Screens

I have almost all the radio stack working on the AG4.
I am using most of the items from the DC3 as the AG4 didn't really have anything.
I have al the knobs and switches doing their thing.

But I can not get the
NavCom1_screens, NavCom2_screens and ADF_screen to show in MSFS
I am not sure what the Material type for MSFS should be. I have tried decal and Standard
I have Left the material for them as the same as the DC3

Any help?
I just recently got my radio displays working after almost a year of trying, so I think I know the feeling. There are a lot of factors that can prevent rendering aside from material type, I know this because I use 3ds Max and I am able to directly import fully functioning instruments from the SDK sample projects, which is how I finally figured it out, I used the exact material from the Cabri G2 MFD 650 and it still didn't work, but at least I knew it wasn't for improper material. It turns out, for example, you can have a fully working HTML display, but you have the display dimensions wrong so all the numbers are beyond the edge of the display.

So that's one thing to check, you want to set up your pixel dimensions such that there is as little empty space as possible, even it if means that portions of the display will fall outside the boundaries. The idea being that when the numbers finally become visible, you want to minimize the chances that happens outside your allocated screen territory. Another thing is that the display space should never render white. Active or idle, a properly configured HTML display will always be black or very dark. I briefly went through a white display phase while ChatGPT was coaching me to have excessive emissive. Yours do not look emissive, just plain white. Mine are always dark even in 3ds Max.

Finally, the Behaviors Debug is very useful for solving component issues, it will reveal states and conditions that are not visible or available without using the tool. It was probably more helpful than CGPT for getting my radios working.

You could share some more details, your panel.cfg, your xml components, even a material sample, it would probably be helpful.
Thanks for the help.

I always forget to check the panel.cfg.
I had a couple of mis-types in the .cfg

It is all working now, just need to work on getting the size a little better