New Lesson in FS9

I am trying to modify the student pilot lessons to simulate pilot training at NAS Pensacola. I know how to open the .flt files and .abl files and have the ABL SDK which to some degree I understand. I also understand how to link the files. My question is and I have searched here and online. Is there an explanation of each category of the .flt file?...specifically what is [Track]? I understand just about all of the other areas. I am an accomplished FS9 commercial pilot and am sharing my knowledge with 3 students at my grand daughter's school 3 times a week. I have modified the [Tower] and put the Cessna on our OWN untowered airport. I am changing the aircraft to the T-6a in the Lessons and I am tweaking the aircraft parameters to exactly reflect the aircraft. Please help with .flt file.


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Track? Could you please post the section here? It's been a long long time since I looked into lesson files and I'm away from my PC at the moment.
New Lessons in FS9

I have gone a different route because the Lessons do not lend themselves to being modified I am sure was Microsofts idea. I have written my own lessons for each category and have used FS Flight School, Instant Approaches and AOA Aviator90 Pro. We are doing great with this. All three students have solo'd the Student Pilot curriculum. Christmas break and they will be back in the cockpit in January. Sorry I didn't get back here until now. Thank you for offering to help. No thanks to MS.