New objects in whisplacer

I am trying to use Whisplacer, but I have some question: 1 Adding new scenery in User folder I have to put only the bgl file or also the folder with the textures made by Model Converter and library creator?
2 How can I have a thumbnail of the new object? 3 With the whisplacer I get only the coordinates of FSX location, not the background. It is correct?
Thanks for the help denic


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whisplacer does not need the textures. But you can just point wishplacer to your scenery folder, no need to have another copy of the library.
You can make thumbnails in Whisplacer, although it isn't all that obvious.
When connected to FSX, click on Live Preview : Screenshot Updates Thumbnail. then when you select the object in Whisplacer, place it in FSX (or just find a pre-placed object), frame it, and take a screenshot, it'll make a thumbnail.

Background images are also possible, but it does help if you have FSXPlanner. Just click on Display : Background Images and follow the instructions.