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Well when you create a thread you've automatically read it, makes sense ofcourse becuase you made the thread. The "new posts" section only shows thread that have two things; they have atleast one post that hasn't been read by you and they contain a "new post". And a thread you created doesn't contain that first one, you have read all posts in it. Only if a new post is made in it and you've not yet read it it should appear in the "new posts" section.

Hope that explains it,
OK ...
I'm was use to flightsim.com forum.
I just now found the tiny "recent" tab.
Anyone want to answer my other New/Recent posts


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I think he wants to be sure people can see his thread when they look in their new posts section. They can.
As to your thread on unused Airports, I frankly wouldn't know because I don't know much about AI....

Paul Domingue

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This forum software is great, the best I have ever seen. I love the way it bookmarks where your last read was in a thread. The software is very intuitive and you can't compare it to any other forum software.
Also good about this forum is if someone is in the middle of writing a post and presses the wrong button or has a crash. The next time they log in the saved draft will come up so itàs to nec essary to have to re-write everything.