New traffic file

I am attempting to start a new traffic bgl and I have the aircraft chosen and installed. I start attempting to choose the airports and click the drop down for the airports and select the "edit/add airports and i insert one of the airports in the IACO and click open. I can't see anything to or ant way to add it to the list. everything is grayed out. I can click on the coords and change them to DD/MM/ss and then change it back and I get a apply update and then I see where it has been added to the airport.dat list .....??? that is the main airport list and not the airport list I want for the traffic I'm trying to compile.
I have read every thing I can find in the manual for airports and can't see a way to add them to the airports list in the main window.
What am I doing wrong?
Joe W.


Resource contributor
You don't need to add the airports manually. Just start creating legs. If you use an airport that is not in the list, AIFP will add it for you.

OK ...... That solves that.
I started a flight plan by coping and pasting one in because I couldn't figgure out hoe to start one from the program. I then edited it to what I wanted. Is it possible to start a flight plan in the program? Yes the program did pick up the airports automatically.
Joe W.