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Hello, the last several weeks i did a lot of testing and building in Blender on different models. The most advanced is the Grob 109A. If i get into the miracles of AS2 it is my goal to bring the models to Life into the sim.
Since i don't have X-Plane nor P3D v4 I can not do any development for this sims. But if somebody is interested i can share the models for a port over. But first they have to be finished of course ;)

Greetings Klaus

Here are some examples...

Grob 109A 005.jpgGrob 109A 006.jpgScreen AF120 01.jpgScreen KL35 03.jpgScreen KL35 04.jpgScreen PIK26 001.jpg

i will focus mainly on Aerofly FS2. Maybe i will do a version for FSX if i find somebody who like to help me with the flightmodel and the xml programming in Blender.

Pic26.jpgAL120 screen 001.jpg


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Feel free to share some details about making models for AFS2. I'm sure it'll be of help to others considering converting or making models for that simulator.
looong time ago.

Like many other Corvid 19 give me some spare time. So i spend time on Blender 2.81 to discover some new Features an bring back my modeling skills.
CL 215 001.jpg
I have no direction where this will go. But i will upload the Blender file to the Recources here on FsDeveloper when it is done.