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No models appearing

I have still not managed to get any models to appear,but I notice I have a file on an external drive called Libraries,with SAMM folders containing scenery and texture folders.The scenery folder has thirty aircraft,each preceded by thirty five letters and numbers.They are aircraft of the vintage I have tried to create.Is this folder something I can use to produce these models.?


Resource contributor
They are the "source folders" you are supposed to use. Somehow, you've told SAMM that's where you want to save the compiled models and their textures. (Normally, this folder resides in your SAMM folder.) Copy any .bgls from the scenery folders and all the sub-folders from the texture folders into an active scenery and texture folder respectively. Or, you can use SAMMs Make Library function (see page 14 of the user manual). Then, you should see static aircraft in the sim.