No Texture Sub-Forum ? Help requested


Could do with a texture/graphics sub-section.

But, I am looking for a list of resources covering 'tools' for manipulating and converting textures for use in FSDS / 3D Max etc.

I have DXTBMP but am wondering what others are available as I especially need to batch-convert textures to change size of textures, and to mip-map them.

Are there any tools that allow for a graphical interface, rather than command line for example. And, I need to ensure that alpha channels are retained - so the SDK tool is out or starters !

Thnx for any advice.
There is a Graphics section under Aircraft Design. In it you find many answers to the very questions you are asking here.

My personal preference is convimx by Martin Wright for GUI batch conversion. It doesn't do any resizing though... Irfan View is good at batch resizing but it would not do alphas, as far as I know.


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I have used XnView as well for batch processing (can be with or without GUI). Not sure if that keeps the alpha channel in all cases though.

And ImageTool from the SDK works perfectly of course.