P3D v4 odd position behavior in animation

I've seen this happen on occasion but can't remember what causes this.

in the attachment see the small squares and also the large rectangles on the ground? Those should be lined up with the lights. They are in FSDS but not here in MCX. Any ideas?


It may be you've not centred to the items, or if you've deleted something or somepoints there may be stray points left over affecting the centering, or maybe a scale setting.

Have you compiled it as is, to see if they are still misaligned in the sim itself?
Ah thanx. But this one I did figure out with help from a good friend. To correct this I needed to zero the x,y,z axis al to zero, then I reset the part to where it
should be, remembering to keep the x,y,z to zeros. it works fine now,and thanx for the reply.
Hope it can help...

I found that moving a animated object (ex : Ambient) is always tricking because it often corrupts his properties, mostly if the object have child parts. To move a animated objet I always remove all keysframes, move the object and again add keyframe.
Yes- I found that sometimes I'd have to kill all key frames with all ambients and start over if I made any mistakes. Rather tricky. Zero ing every ambient helped. I just wishedI could trigger it right for P3D4.5 without having to learn Gmax and bones and all. If we only had a tool like CAT in 64 bit. all this should not have to be so difficult.